On the Habits and Spirit of Dissent

On the Habits and Spirit of Dissent

Fr. Philip Powell, OP, has a new blog entry on the habits and spirit of dissent.

Habitually, dissent looks like…
…anger: a consuming frustration, disappointment, rage toward the Truth
…hatred: a self-defining loathing for the apostolic faith
…willful ignorance: a refusal to learn, a refusal to be disciplined (to be a student)
…pride: an utter failure to be humble in the face 2,000 years of teaching
…arrogance: an expression of pride that manifests as dismissiveness of authority
…entitlement: an obsessive assertion of prerogative/privilege over service
…idolatry: the raising up of Novelty and Trendiness as final ends
…rebelliousness: revolting against legitimate authority in favor of private choice

Go read the whole thing.

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Domenico Bettinelli