What passes for journalism from Iraq

What passes for journalism from Iraq

St. Blog’s own Eric Johnson is getting lots of notice for this article about how the Washington Post‘s news coverage from Iraq is faulty. He says they rely on stringers and inadequate reporting to provide articles that affect how American and official Washington view what’s happening in Iraq. He even gives a notable example from his own experience serving in Iraq as a civil affairs Marine.

Chandrasekaran’s crew generates a relentlessly negative stream of articles from Iraq hey weren’t too fragile to sue, to go through depositions, and potentially to go to trial?

I’m not saying the victims are lying, but I’m a little weary of complaints from these victims’ groups that the Church isn’t doing this or that and they’re the same people who won’t lift a finger to help change things.

Meanwhile, another article yesterday speculated on O’Malley’s chances of being named a cardinal.

  • I’m suspicious too.  Haven’t the both the victims and the accused priests created a written record that should be sufficient to reduce the priest to the lay state?  How many of these laicizations are being contested anyway?

  • I think the Vatican is very worried about creating a huge pool of disaffected laicized priests, and especially bishops and up.  That would be fuel for a schism.  On the other hand, perhaps they are realizing that doing nothing is also going to head us toward schism and/or dissolution.  Hell if you and hell if you don’t.  The whole cause both ways is they let things get out of hand….

    It’s not only the movement of the culture—they have materially cooperated by not managing church affairs for 40 years. 

    They get alarmed and have a little fit of legal talk which gets good Catholics hopeful and then they cave in, which only exacerbates the situation……

    I find myself wondering whether it will be different 10, 20, 30 years down the road, or is Christianity just going to become that rare that it won’t matter to most people anymore.  It’s already pretty much that way in Europe.

  • Could it be, and I’ve mentioned this before in this blog, that the Vatican doesn’t put the same emphasis on the American Church that we put upon it? After all, 60 million here .vs. 1 billion worldwide leads me to believe the emphasis is elsewhere. Couple that with anti- US sentiment in Europe and it could be that they are leaving AmChurch to stew in it’s own juices. I wouldn’t think that the Holy Father is leaving Ab. O’Malley twisting in the wind.  It could be caution is the operative. Just a hunch.

  • Do we have to wait for all suspended to go through the process of determining if the allegations against them are credible or not, as is required in the name of justice, before Arbp. Sean can suspend Fr. Walter Cuenin for using his parish resources to teach in opposition to the teachings of the Catholic Church as he has done in his parish bulletin and in his work of planning to get his parishioners to go into the PFLAG- sponsored Gay Pride Celebration on June 12?