Old wine in new wineskins

Old wine in new wineskins

Meet the new revolution, same as the old revolution.

Robert Blair Kaiser, dissenting Catholic and former Time writer covering the Church, has started a new web site called “Take Back the Church,” which is nothing more than the same old Call to Action gruel reheated and served up lukewarm.

In fact, it offers the same pablum from the Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church that Voice of the faithful was founded upon: demands for democratic elections, tossing out 2,000 years of dogma, the creation of a governing document for the Church modeled on the US Constitution, the whole spiel. Here’s Kaiser’s sales pitch:

Let’s cut right to the chase. Everyone talks about the weather in the U.S. Catholic Church but no one does anything about it. We propose to do something about not only the weather, but the climate as well—with your help. In fact, without your help, and the help of a million others like you, we won’t be able to demand the action necessary to create the Church we need. If you’ve been following the horror stories for the past four years, you know it isn’t only the spectacle of sex abuse by a relatively few American priests that makes us ashamed of our Church. It is the systematic cover up of that abuse by most of the nation’s bishops.


Seeking ownership and citizenship in the people’s Church envisioned at Vatican II, attended by accountable, listening servant-bishops.

Yawn. Is it still 1968 in your world?

[Thanks to Gerald for the link.]

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