Okay, I have to say more

Okay, I have to say more

A few more words on the Globe‘s lede on that article I mentioned below:

    Cardinal Bernard F. Law, attempting to assert his authority even as criticism of his conduct rises to fever pitch, has summarily banned all church agencies from holding meetings at a vibrant Newton parish headed by an outspoken pastor who has questioned church teachings on gays and women and has sometimes chafed at Law’s leadership.

“Attempting to assert authority”? I think he is asserting authority. Notice how the bias against the cardinal comes out in the first sentence. And see how the writer juxtaposes it with criticism. Wouldn’t it be hypocrisy of the highest order if the cardinal decided not to assert his authority in safeguarding the faithful from error even as he was being criticized in public? I think it shows greater character to act than it would to just stand by. I just wish the cardinal did more, in this case and others, sooner and more often.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli