Oh, well, that’s okay then

Oh, well, that’s okay then

Bishop John McCormack of Manchester, NH, said ina deposition that there is a difference between a priest having sex with a young man who is part of his parish and one who is not. What he doesn’t say is that (a) a priest who breaks his vow of celibacy is in danger of mortal sin or (b) that homosexual actions by a priest is a grave moral matter.

    “You know, one is an activity where you have a trusted relationship with a parishioner,” Bishop McCormack said in depositions obtained today by The Associated Press. “The other is an activity where you’re away from the parish and you’re off on your own. I’m very concerned about that. He was a young person. But it’s quite different from being with a parishioner.”

Once again, to refresh your memory, Bishop McCormack visited Paul Shanley at his gay-sex hotel in Palm Springs, California, a place known for allowing sex in public areas, according to the Boston Herald.

As for this gay priest, McCormack didn’t think it was important that the guy had had a five or six year relationship with a young man starting when boy was 18 when he assigned him as pastor to a parish. Even if the guy was not currently violating his vows with gay sex, what assurance did McCormack have that he would actually teach what the church teaches on any moral issue?

I think I know who should be next on the list of bishops to step down.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli