Nuclear neandertals

Nuclear neandertals

While we’re talking about TV… Has anyone else noticed the following similarity? Separated at birth: Geico Caveman and Ted “Fallout Boy” Sprague from “Heroes”. I mean, what’s with the Neandertal look for Nuclear Teddy?


Sorry, it’s just been bothering me, but it feels good to get that off my chest.


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  • That’s funny as my husband said the same thing when he was watching Heroes with me Mon. night.  Huh? Was what I said at that moment but now that you posted your comment about it – I wonder if you’re right.  Maybe their voices can help determine if this is so. 
    Thanks for this one Dom.
    Prayers for you and Melanie-for your family.

  • For the longest time, I was certain that this ad franchise was the brainchild of Rich Hall, late of SNL and several British musical skits based on the fictitious Otis Lee Crenshaw.  I still look at the character and see Rich Hall, even though now, at 50-something, he’s far too old to be the actor in the commercials.