Now Archbishop O’Malley’s doing it

Now Archbishop O’Malley’s doing it

I have received an advance copy of Boston Archbishop Sean O’Malley’s statement to come out tomorrow on same-sex marriages beginning on Monday. He does what the liberals have already done by lending credence to the idea that we’re on the verge of an anti-gay pogrom:

At the same time, I remind all Catholics that our sadness at what has happened should not lead us into anger against or vilification of any group of people, especially our homosexual brothers and sisters. 

I understand his point and it could be a bit of pre-emptive strike so that if something were to happen they can’t blame the Church for it (which they would anyway). But I think it cedes the point and creates a climate of suspicion in the first place.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • Well, we shouldn’t be angry at or vilify any person because they have homosexual inclinations.  However, I think there is plenty to be angry about with regard to the homosexualist organizations in Massachusetts.

  • Sinner is quite right to point out the ambiguity of Archbishop O’Malley’s statement, which, as you not, provides a convenient cover for the liberal lie, er, line that we should respect those who mock God and His holy sacrament of matrimony lest by some tortuous excercise in illogic we are somehow deemed culpable for their deaths.

  • There is a knife edge sometimes we walk on, to act in love always and to stand for the truth.  The knife edge gets sharper the more charged the issue is.  When the issue is as tense as the gay rights issue in MA, with a church that lost credibility in too many people’s eyes because of the sexual abuse scandal, and the Christian obligation to hate the sin, not the sinner, saying ANYTHING on the issue can be diifficult for the Archbishop. The edge there is so thin that he cannot speak without stepping on toes.  May the Lord bless him and guide him through this dark valley until he leads his flock out the other side.

  • The edge there is so thin that he cannot speak without stepping on toes.

    He didn’t just “step on toes”; he basicly agreed with the liberal assertion that orthodox Catholics are violent, and that we’re on the verge of rioting over the gay marriage issue.

    O’Malley could very easily dropped that statement from thew speech without cost.  He has no right to slander us so.

  • “There is a knife edge sometimes we walk on, to act in love always and to stand for the truth. “

    You know, Sue, it is not really a knife edge.  To love and to tell God’s truth are always exactly one and the same – a plateau as infinite as God’s love.  Now, to love (and to tell God’s truth) ALWAYS involves stepping on toes – where sin is concerned.  Jesus Christ stepped mightily on toes – right up until death on the Cross – and was the truth, and was pure love, all at once!  It is the job of the bishop to save souls, regardless of toes…

  • I understood Sue’s comment in a slightly different light….

    Isn’t there a fine edge between the fundamentalist mentality, being too politically correct and conciliatory, and walking the path of love set out for us by Christ? Christ did step on toes, but he acted always out of love, never out of hate, for his fellow man. A lot of people get confused and think that being loving means being completely accepting, or being right allows for being hateful. Even the Apostles crossed that line and had to be admonished.  It the bishop’s job to save souls, regardless of toes, but sometimes we have to show people where the door is before we slam it in their face.

    When Jesus saved the adultress from being stoned to death, it was not her toes he stepped on, but the toes of those who were acting justly, in accordance with their laws which were given to Moses directly by God.

    To the original point, I think I disagree with you guys. I think the Archbishop, in that sentence at least, is saying what he ought to say. I think the important thing to me is, does he make a brief mention of this, adjuring catholics to behave and not go gay bashing, or is that the main thrust of his speach? If it is the main thrust of his speach, then I think you are right. If not, then I have to disagree.

  • Theresa, the statement was almost entirely about gay-bashing Catholics. That was my problem with it. There has been no gay bashing by Catholics in all of this, but homosexual activists have accused of being haters and violent thugs and by the archbishop’s words, he validates that accusation.