Nothing new in call for American Catholic Church

Nothing new in call for American Catholic Church

Maybe this is what Voice of the Faithful envisions: an American Catholic Church.

“The tradition in Boston and the United States is liberty, and freedom, and constitution, people, so I say we need a people’s church in the United States, a homegrown Catholicism would look more like the country itself,” he says. “The Catholic Church has to change or it is going to end up as a museum piece.”

So says Robert Kaiser, a former Jesuit and author of “A Church in Search of Itself.” What he says is hardly groundbreaking. There are quite a few American “Catholic” churches to choose from. There’s the Apostolic Catholic, the Old Catholic, and so on. The reality though is that none of them are Catholic. The Catholic Church is, by definition, in union with the see of Peter. If you want to strike out on your own as all the other protesters did, then that’s your choice, but it would not be the Catholic Church any more than, say, the Episcopal Church.

Like I said, people have been calling for the Church to “get with the times” or “end up a museum piece” since she began. Luther wanted to shed all those medieval superstitions. The Modernists of the 19th century wanted to shed them too. So do the children of the Spirit of Vatican II. But the reality is that those who want the Truth to change are the ones who end up cast by the wayside while the Church continues on as she always has.

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Domenico Bettinelli