Not invited to the party

Not invited to the party

Why am I not surprised that one of those not happy about Archbishop Sean O’Malley being given the honor of the cardinalate is the lawyer who wants more and more millions from the Boston archdiocese to pay his never-ending butcher’s bill?

Mitchell Garabedian says O’Malley hasn’t treated the latest group of plaintiffs with any urgency. Garabedian says many victims feel O’Malley is being “rewarded for a job not very well done.”

Again, this elevation is not about a job well done or not well done.It’s as much about the Church universal and the Church in the US and the Church in Boston as it is about O’Malley.

As for Garabedian, he’s proving himself to be an ambulance-chaser who uses the media as a cudgel to batter his opponents into whatever settlements he demands, regardless of whether they’re deserved or prudent.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli