Not “Cruel to be kind”, just cruel

Not “Cruel to be kind”, just cruel

One of the longest-practicing second-trimester abortionists tells a newspaper about what he does: about the intern who ran home from the mill, throwing up, questioning why they do this; about the gruesomeness of abortion (“The procedure is gruesome, as anyone who has seen it, including Rashbaum, will attest.”); and about the nightmares he has of an unborn child “trying to hold onto the walls of a uterus by its tiny fingernails.” Rashbaum admits, “What kind of dreams do you think you are going to have?”

No matter, how they sugarcoat in terms of “choice” or how much they talk about “safe, rare, and legal,” pro-abortionists can’t hide the fact—even from themselves—that abortion is a murderous procedure that kills an innocent human being, a baby. they know it and we know it, and since no human being can long survive unchanged on a steady diet of evil and sin, it twists them up inside. If they’re lucky, their conscience rebels and they repent. If they’re not lucky, well, it’s too horrible to imagine.

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