No tolerance for Christians

No tolerance for Christians

When several Christian professors at Texas A&M objected to a departmental policy of “celebrating and promoting” homosexuality, they were accused of bigotry.

Eight professors, including Stephen Crouse, associate dean of the college, signed a letter objecting to the statement, which says faculty must “celebrate and promote all forms of human diversity” and lists sexual orientation as a protected status, along with race, gender and other categories. The letter suggests the committee adopt a general non-discrimination statement similar to that of the University, and said Christian faculty should not have to “celebrate and promote” a lifestyle they believe is immoral.

And what was the reaction of the professors, including the dean of the faculty at the College of Education, who want to celebrate tolerance and diversity? They demanded Crouse be fired, told the signatories they were misinterpreting their own religious beliefs, and said they’re being pompous and arrogant.

A definitive charism of left-wing liberalism is that it can’t detect irony or humor.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli