No sense of humor

No sense of humor

Mark Shea links to an article by a woman who doesn’t like the new VeggieTales movie because it tampers with the truth of Scriptures. You see, Jonah wasn’t really a cucumber and the sin of the Ninevites wasn’t slapping people with fishes. You don’t say.

Mark says that Very Earnest Christians don’t get invited to parties. I’ve seen the same phenomenon of people who take their faith and every little jot and tittle way too seriously. Yes, somethings should not be parodied or made fun of, but must we be so dour? Paging Cotton Mather!

Once when I was in Steubenville, a priest was celebrating a Mass in a home. I forget the occasion, but there was a Very Earnest Catholic woman there. During the preparation for the Mass, the priest filled the chalice from a bottle of wine and passed it to someone to put away. I joked, “Make sure it’s out of consecrating range.” The woman turned and said coldly, “It is the intent of the celebrant, not the distance from the altar, blah, blah, blah.” I smiled weakly and nodded. I guess I look stupid. I also wondered when was the last time she had laughed.

Sure, sometimes the jokes go too far. I’ve been guilty of that too. But taking yourself or your faith too seriously can be a sign that you’re unsure of yourself or your faith. As the great Southern Rock band .38 Special once sang, “Hold on loosely, but don’t let go.” Loosen up.

(By the way, that was a joke.)

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli