No room at the inn

No room at the inn

Hotels in Tallahassee, Florida, are throwing refugees out of their rooms to make way for college football fans. There’s a Miami-Florida State game Monday night and that takes precedence, they say.

“This weekend has been booked for a couple of months,” said Antwan Hinkle, the Quality Inn’s front desk manager.

Hinkle said people who have planned trips for months would not take it well if they were told just days before the game that the hotel could not provide rooms. “We’re going to have a whole bunch of angry people,” he said.

Here’s what you tell those angry people. You tell them that there is a national crisis going on and that it isn’t business as usual. You tell them that their football game is not as important as the devastation and loss suffered by more than 1 million people. You tell them that there will be other football games, but that right now families in need take precedence.

My guess is that most people would understand. The rest can lump it.

[Hat tip to Bill Cork.]