No place for Planned Parenthood in the library

No place for Planned Parenthood in the library

South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds did the right thing on Monday. He ordered the state library’s web site taken down because it linked to pro-abortion, pro-teen sex, pro-contraception web sites, including one run by Planned Parenthood. Of course, civil libertarians are angry because they think anyone should be exposed to anything at any age, unless of course that anything is religion or traditional morality. Rounds acted after Bishop Robert Carlson of Sioux Falls asked him to intervene. Kudos to Rounds and Carlson.

Claims of censorship are misplaced, since all that was removed were links to those sites, not the sites themselves. People can still access those sites if they go to them directly.

  • Does anyone know if Gov. Rounds has ambitions towards seeking elected office in D.C.?

  • We had a similar censorship charge here in San Jose when the public library was debating to install porn filters or not on the computers used by the public for accessing the internet. 

    If this is censorship, then isn’t the libray committing censorship by refusing to have pornographic magazines or xxx videos available for patrons to borrow?

    (I remember waking by the internet area one time , where all the computers were out in the open for all to see, and there was one clown sitting back and viewing porn….porn that all could see including children.)

  • Hi, dpt:

    I was at the library one day and this older guy next to me was studying his computer like a doctor looking at an x-ray, rubbing his chin, appearing to be deep in reflection. I got up to go to the printer, and surprise! – he was looking at some dopey porno site. I thought, yes, the perfect person to be attracting to a place where children gather after school.