No eulogies

No eulogies

Archbishop John Myers of Newark has banned eulogies at funeral Masses. I have to say that I agree with him. We have gotten so far from the Christian meaning of funerals and some of the eulogies have become out of control. Sometimes people get up there and think they have to summarize and justify the life of the deceased and go on and on. I’ve even heard some crazy distortions of Catholic belief.

Like Archbishop Myers, I think such things are best left to the wake or the grave side. I don’t understand why people think it has to be given from the pulpit or it’s not worthwhile.

The only caveat is that the order should apply equally to everyone, whether they’re rich and famous or poor and unknown. Too often, there seems to be two standards and people see the influential getting special treatment and wonder at the justice. It’s not good if people turn on their TVs and see someone famous being buried and there’s a big euology at the funeral and then the next week the pastor says they can’t do the same for Grandma. To be just the rule must be evenly applied.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli