No conspiracy

No conspiracy

That recent BBC documentary alleging that Pope Benedict has been instrumental in a Vatican conspiracy to cover up clergy sex-abuse continues to generate attention, including this analysis by disgruntled Fr. Tom Doyle at the Voice of the Faithful web site. Part of the supposed “smoking gun” is a 1962 document issued by the Vatican called “Crimen Sollicitationis,” that supposedly details a secret protocol for hiding sex abusers.

It does no such thing, and besides, as with the rest of the documentary’s supposed report, this is old news. In fact, I blogged about this very document back in 2003. My bottom line from that blog post remains true:

[W]hat we have is, I think, a canon lawyer/priest with an axe to grind who has presented some overeager trial lawyers with something with which to attack the Church. The priest should have known better and I think he has done real damage to the Church and borne false witness by this.

Here are other blog entries from the time:

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