No cause of action

No cause of action

It’s amazing the damages that people try to claim in lawsuits. In Albany, three women tried to sue the Catholic diocese for “forcing” them to walk down a hallway lined with photos of priests went they to the diocese to report sexual abuse by a priest. The judge threw the case out for a “lack of cause of action.” Basically, they had no legal basis to sue. It’s not like the diocese forced them to walk down the hallway or that a reasonable person would be expected to be traumatized by it, especially since they weren’t claiming that their abuser’s picture was on the wall.

What if the person had claimed that a black man had abused her and she had to walk down a hallway with pictures of Martin Luther King, Jr., or Booker T. Washington? Would it be reasonable for people to assume that any image of a black man would cause pain or would that be considered racism on the victim’s part.

I think the judge did the right thing here.