Newman’s cause advances

Newman’s cause advances

The diocesan tribunal in the Archdiocese of Boston investigating claims of a miracle due to the intercession of the Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman has finished its work and forwarded its finding to the Congregation of the Causes of Saints in Rome. Or it’s about to close since the gives the closing date of November 9, this coming Thursday.

The formal closing process of the Diocesan Tribunal set up in the Archdiocese of Boston, USA, took place on Thursday 9 November. The sworn evidence into the ‘miraculous healing’ in 2001 of Deacon Jack Sullivan, a deacon in the diocese, has been formally sealed.

If the Congregation approves, a recommendation for beatification will be sent to Pope Benedict and the Newman could be beatified after that. This is one of the most anticipated causes in the English-speaking world at least.

Meanwhile, the final volume of Newman’s diaries and letters is being published, 48 years after the process started. The last volume to appear was Volume X. However, they did not appear in order. The first volume published was XI in 1961.

The Archbishop of Birmingham ended his letter: “The publication of Volume X brings to a fitting conclusion this monumental work in 31 volumes. These last three volumes which you have edited help us to understand not only important moments in the history of the Catholic Church in this country, but also sheds light on Newman the man and reveals his innermost thoughts in the last years before he was received in the Catholic Church by Father, now Blessed, Dominic Barberi, on 9 October 1845, exactly 161 years ago today.”

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Domenico Bettinelli