New York Times participates in abortion-infanticide lie

New York Times participates in abortion-infanticide lie

The New York Times is guilty of manufacturing a pro-abortion sob story out of an infanticide horror story in El Salvador, according to

On April 9, New York Times reporter Jack Hitt produced what may be called a ‘hit piece’ against the pro-life movement in El Salvador.  The piece, laden with scare tactics, culminates in his tale of woe of a woman who he says had an illegal abortion when she was 18 weeks pregnant and was sentenced to thirty years in prison.  The only problem with the story is that the woman was found guilty of strangling her full-term baby shortly after her birth.

Writing in an editorial in one of the largest papers in El Salvador, Julia Cardenal, who was interviewed for the New York Times Hitt piece, excoriates the Times for false reporting.  Referring to Hitt, Cardenal asks what the intention was of the NYT piece.  “To cause indignation in the United States so that they will pressure us to legalize abortion?,” she asks rhetorically. 

I’m reminded of a two editions from the same day’s Boston Globe that came out in 1992 or 1993. A friend showed me photocopies of the headline from the two editions. One said something like, “Abortion linked to high depression rates.” It was changed in the later edition to something like, “Concerns over high maternal depression rate.” Can’t have abortion looking bad in a headline in the mainstream media.

But this is yet another level of deception. Apparently, the reporter relied on the pro-abortion group IPAS for its information. IPAS wants to legalize abortion in El Salvador because they sell medical equipment for abortion. And since IPAS wants international pressure on El Salvador to allow abortion, what better vehicle than the New York Times, which New York-based UN bureaucrats must see every day? As I’ve said before UN agencies such as the Committee for the Implementation of CEDAW, a UN protocol on discrimination against women, have twisted their mandate to mean using the threat of withholding foreign aid to force countries to legalize abortion. If IPAS can create the specter of back-alley abortions and women going to jail for having them, then it can create international pressure.

So what if it turned a clear case of infanticide into something else?

However, court records from the case, which have been obtained by, indicate that the case was actually one of infanticide rather than illegal abortion.  While it was investigated on the suspicion of an illegal abortion, authorities found the dead baby hidden in a box wrapped in bags under the bed of Mrs. Climaco.

Moreover, forensic examination showed that it was a full term (38-42 weeks gestation) normal delivery, and that the child was breathing at the time of birth.  The legal opinion of the cause of death was asphyxia by strangulation.

And the New York Times went right along with the scam.

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