New layout

New layout

Update: For you Windows Explorer users, I think I've found the problem with the display in your browser. If it still looks funky to you, please drop a comment or email.

I know I’ll regret asking this again, but what do you think?

I decided to go with a three-column layout because I found the two columns a bit stifling and crowded. So much of the left column’s content got shoved pretty far down the page and no one could find it. Three columns don’t take up much more space and should fit most computer monitors fine, at least if your computer was purchased in this century.

The new layout required a change to the banner up top, something a little wider. Since so many people disliked the old one, I’m sure they’ll be happier now. … Yes?

I searched far and wide for something appropriate. Melanie counseled against anything that would be too cliche, like a saint’s statue or a stained glass window or the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’ve never wanted the blog to be a cliche, right from the fact that the name is simply, not some really cool Latin phrase.

The problem is that the banner has to be very wide but not too tall and it’s hard to find something that will look good within that limitation. Thankfully I remembered the panorama photo I took during our honeymoon on Prince Edward Island in August 2005. This photo looks out over a farm that overlooks the Northumberland Straits, just up the road from the Anne of Green Gables homestead. And it fits perfectly.

You may or may not have noticed a few other tweaks I’ve made in recent weeks. I’ve adjusted the typefaces and font sizes for readability and changed the blockquotes to set them off a little bit and started incorporating pullquotes in certain long blog entries.

Hope you like it.