New Hampshire diocese on DVC

New Hampshire diocese on DVC

This isn’t a bad idea. The Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire, will be hosting a series of discussion nights about The Da Vinci Code in the weeks after the movie opens. Since Dan Brown lives in NH and wrote the book there, he’s a local celebrity and thus the book gets even more attention than elsewhere, which makes a refutation of its errors all that more needed. It’s good to see the diocese taking this on as a whole.

I’m curious about the theology professors from St. Anselm’s College who will be the experts at the fora. I know nothing about them, but the state of Catholic theology being what it is, I’m automatically suspicious. Can you imagine if these people get up and start agreeing with Brown? “Oh yeah, the Gospels were written much later… Sure, nobody thought Jesus was divine until later too…”

I also find it interesting and humorous that Dr. Ted Sri, co-author with Mark Shea of “The Da Vinci Deception” and host of the DVD we watched at my parish last Friday, will be giving a talk on DVC the night before the movie opens, May 18, in Exeter, NH, at St. Mark’s parish. Exeter just happens to be Brown’s hometown where he wrote the book. Sweet irony.

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Domenico Bettinelli