New Eucharistic miracle in Lourdes?

New Eucharistic miracle in Lourdes?

A friend sent me a link to an Italian-language web site that he says describes a purported Eucharistic miracles in Lourdes that happened recently and was captured on video. I don’t read Italian, but my friend says:

In 1999, during a Mass celebrated by Cardinal Billé, then archbishop of Lyon, the Host began to levitate just above the paten from the moment of the epiclesis until the elevation. The prodigy was filmed for broadcast and a clip of it is making its way around the internet. At the time, the French bishops decided to keep it quiet. Recently, it was brought to the attention of a cardinal in the Curia, who took it upon himself to verify the origin of the clip and ask the current archbishop of Lyon for the position of the French bishops on the matter. This cardinal in turn passed it on to the Holy Father. He is concerned that certain bishops were too quick to put the lid on what seems to be an authentic sign.

There are photo stills captured from the video and a link to the video itself. What do you think?

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Domenico Bettinelli