New chapter, same old VOTF

New chapter, same old VOTF

A new Voice of the Faithful group meets in a Chicago suburb. Its leaders claim that they’re not out to change any of the Church’s doctrines:

“Voice of the Faithful is not dedicated toward changes in church doctrine, it is to correct the flaws this very human institution has,” said John Iberle of Winnetka, one of the organizers of a new north suburban chapter.

Really? Only a few paragraphs down in the story we’re presented with this:

More recently, George instructed pastors to deny communion to members of a gay rights group wearing rainbow sashes and to fire lay ministers who disagree with church teachings. Although he framed them as reminders of existing policies, they struck others as unnecessary and divisive.

Marguerite Delacoma, a longtime Evanston resident who now lives in Chicago, said she was struck by photos from a recent Mass at Holy Name Cathedral, when some sash-wearing members were turned away from communion. “Everyone in the picture looked so sad. I’m wondering if this really is a way of saying its gone too far?,” Delacoma said.

The Rianbow Sash-ayers are dedicated to getting the Church to change her teachings on homosexuality and the reception of Communion. And here’s a new VOTF member expressing sympathy for that point of view.

And anyone who seriously claims that VOTF does not advocate any heterodox positions has yet to explain to me why the organization’s national web site only contains writings from heterodox authors who advocate dissent from the Church’s teachings.