New bishops

New bishops

The Vatican announced this morning that Bishop Jose Gomez, presently the auxiliary bishop in Denver, will become the archbishop of San Antonio. Bishop Gomez is an Opus Dei priest and he was once asked at a meeting of priests what he would do if he learned that one of his priests had abused a hypothetical nephew. The bishop said he’d kill the priest. Direct, to the point, leaving no doubt. Sounds good.

Also, Bishop Robert Carlson of Sioux Falls, S. Dakota, will be heading to Saginaw, Michigan. Bishop Carlson is the one who privately told former Sen. Tom Daschle to stop promoting himself as a Catholic in his political materials. When the communication become public, Bishop Carlson demurred, which is a little disappointing, but at least he was taking some private action.

Finally, Bishop Jerome Listecki, auxiliary in Chicago, was appointed to fill the vacancy in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. I don’t know anything about Bishop Listecki, but will post it if I hear anything.

Update: I forgot to mention that Houston-Galveston has been upgraded from a diocese to an archdiocese, and that its province will include the diocese of Austin (that’s for Melanie whose parents live there). And I’ve had someone tell me that Bishop Listecki is known as a good guy and will likely make a good diocesan ordinary.

Update 2: The dioceses that used to be in the province under San Antonio but are now under Houston are Austin, Beaumont, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Tyler and Victoria.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • (hopefully gleeful) Dom, when you say “heading to Saginaw Michigan” do you mean to be the new Bishop there? O please O please O please O please!!!

    B. Untener was quite ah, pastoral…for many years.  What a mess things are there. 

    Actually I just checked out the diocesan web page and got my answer.  hee-heee! Dancing for joy!!

  • Twenty years ago, a native of the Diocese, Howard J. Hubbard of Troy, was named bishop. His tenure has been marked by the goals outlined in his two pastoral letters: collaboration, collegiality and shared responsibility. Under his guidance, lay men and women have assumed positions of leadership in parishes and in diocesan departments. He has also continued a long-standing tradition in the Diocese: reaching out to those of other denominations and faiths. In historic events, he has established strong relations with the Albany Episcopal Diocese, hosted a reconciliation service with the Jewish community, cooperated with other Christians on important social issues and spoken from the pulpits of other churches.

    Straight from the Albany diocese website.  Truly sounds like a Pope John Paul Bishop all the way, suprise, suprise. 

  • *Ecclesia Dei notwithstanding…number of Tridentine Masses offered in Albany Diocese: 0*

    Not true!  The only authorized Traditional Latin Masses in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany are celebrated at the Tridentine Parish of St. Peter & St. Paul (the only parish in the Diocese of Albany established for those attached to the Traditional Mass.  St. Peter & St. Paul is located in Troy, NY.  Here is a link to their web site:

  • Small wonder Hubbard is such a major proponent of ecumenism.  All he is doing is following the Pope’s wishes as has been stressed many times.  I just wonder when we will just do away with the Papacy completely, all in the name of ‘may they be one’.  Sad how a prayer of the Lord has become a banner of men who want it on human terms at the expense of what is Holy and Sacred.  Pity we have those in the Church who believe the Jews and Muslims actually worship the same God as we do and that Protestants are just slightly removed brothers and sisters.

  • Jews don’t worship God? That’s funny, then who were Mary and Joseph and John the Baptist and Zechariah and Elizabeth and Moses and Amos and Isaiah and Jeremiah and Ezekiel and David and Solomon …. et al worshipping? I better go rip the Old Testament out of my Bibles before I accidentally engage in idolatry.

    It’s one thing to think that some people have turned the pursuit of unity into syncretism, but it’s quite another thing to say that we should try to work with those of other religions in a dialogue that brings them to a fuller understanding of the Truth.

    Evangelization is not an option for Christians and it’s not very effective when it’s phrased in terms of “Become Catholic or go to Hell.”

  • Sorry Domenico but as you have the right to disagree so do I.  If my post bothers you, you are the administrator, remove it.  I would understand and not feel slighted.  The point I am trying to make is they do not worship the same God we do for the God we worship is a Trinity which includes Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I have a very fine Dr. for my daughter who is a Jew and he is in agreement that we do not worship the same God and he is not ignorant of his faith and I respect him for it.  Yet, he has often complained about how the Catholic Church has stated Catholics, Jews and Muslims worship the one God for he believes it is an offense, in particular to put us in the ranks with those of the Muslim faith. 

    I am not against Evangelization in any way but the Early Church did not say, look we are basically in the same block.  True, the Old Testament was greatly stressed and cherished as fully as the New but where did they ever go in a Temple and say, let us reconcile and be one and give relevance to each other.  It just did not happen.  Paul states all of Israel will be saved and I believe that but not by watering down what is believed by those who do truly worship the Messiah promised.

    Nor do I say, ‘Become Catholic or go to Hell’ but I do say ‘Believe on Jesus Christ or you will send your soul to Hell of your own doing’.  There are areas that are left up to God as the light of revelation shines in those hearts which have never heard the Gospel and I leave those areas to the Maker of Heaven and Earth but for the majority of Jewish people, this is not the case so my wording is different, yet I do stand by it. 

    The other sad thing to me is how the term Catholic is being used.  Originally the word Catholic meant a believer of Jesus Christ, not just a denomination so in that regard, yes I believe Catholic is the only true option.  Some may say the fullness of the Faith or the whole Faith but to me Faith is Faith.  I do not sentence all Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, Muslims, etc. to hell, actually I sentence none of them, they have their own free will to do that as much as I do, yet I do hold in contempt those who would take the Faith and water it down and corrupt it just so we can try to have a wonderful utopia on earth.  It should go without saying that I do not direct this toward you but it should also be obvious I am not a fan of the crowd who were all joyous at the gatherings of Assissi.  Man made peace, even when in the trappings and guise of worship is never correct but the miracles God brings about in the hearts of those who are called to His Faith are precious to see.

  • I live in the Saginaw diocese & was overjoyed to hear of the new appointment, for two reasons…1) anything HAS to be better than how it’s been and 2) I heard about the Daschle thing & I figured that meant the bishop would take matters in hand when he gets here. Oh please I pray he will. We drive 35 minutes to get to a decent mass, rather go two blocks to our rural parish, which is run by a nun (she does the homilies and all, dontcha know?).

  • Sorry, killing pedophile priests is not an acceptable response in my book.  Sending them to a Cistercian monastery to live out the rest of their lives in penance and solitude, maybe, but if God does not delight in the death of the sinner (Eze 18:23), why should we?

    Even the worst sinner deserves a shot at repentance.  Killing a man in mortal sin—yeah that’s really following the Gospel.  Shame on anyone who thinks that way.


  • I’d rather a bishop whose gut instinct is rage at the man who sodomized his nephew rather than wondering which parish he can stash him until next time. I don’t think the bishop is advocating frontier justiceg pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro-drug pols Tue, 28 Dec 2004 13:07:45 -0600

    Albany’s new district attorney was endorsed by pro-abortion groups NARAL and NOW and by drug users and homosexual activists. His opponent was pro-life and tough on drug use.

    So, guess who participated in his swearing-in by giving him a blessing?

    Bishop Howard Hubbard, of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, joined Protestant, Jewish and Muslim leaders in bestowing blessings on the new district attorney.

    “You are a man who offers to us a new vision and fresh alternatives,” Hubbard said. “This responsibility is a tall order. We pray you accept this challenge … and fulfill it.”

    Yes, but is his new vision compatible with the Gospel preached by Jesus Christ and protected by the Catholic Church for 2,000 years? Thank you, Bishop Hubbard, for providing another example of how Catholics should participate in the public square.


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    Albany has been a sad joke for some time.