Neither “Catholic” nor “Charity”

Neither “Catholic” nor “Charity”

Way back in May 2002, I warned that Catholic Charities was actively soliciting homosexual couples to adopt children. With the advent of gay marriage in Massachusetts, it seems we need a reminder. The conservative newspaper Massachusetts News, reports that Catholic Charities offices in the various Massachusetts dioceses are still giving children to homosexual and lesbian couples. Complaints to chanceries receive the reply that “Catholic Charities is an independent organization.” They get funding from dioceses, use the name “Catholic” in their title, and solicit funds from Catholics under the guise that they are a Catholic agency. By my book, and canon law, that makes them subject to the local bishop.

When even Catholic charity has been co-opted by a heterodox, and dare I say even diabolical, ideology, then you know we’re in trouble and drastic measures are needed. Divine Physician, give us your healing!

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli