Nanny government takes over parenting your child

Nanny government takes over parenting your child

I’m not sure whether the rest of you will be able to get to this story if you’re not a subscriber to the Salem News like I am, but in yesterday’s paper an article gave a prime example of Nanny Government at work. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it refers to the typical liberal Democrat vision of government that does everything for you because the average American is too incompetent to think on his own. This concept of America would have an ever larger government dictating more and more decisions to us, siphoning away any opportunity for common sense to take hold, making us more and more dependent on the oligarchs of Big Government, i.e. liberals, to tell us how to live.

In this case, it’s a proposed state law to mandate that parents put their kids in booster seats until they’re 7 years old or reach 4’9” tall. This may indeed be a good idea. It may be common sense. But it’s the attitude of those proposing it as seen in the following quote:

[State Sen. Stephen] Baddour recently realized his oldest daughter, 4-year-old Isabella, had outgrown her child seat, but was too small for an adult safety belt. He also realized state law doesn’t tell parents how to restrain their young children when they outgrow their infant seat. Unlike many parents, he was in a position to do something about it.

Did you catch that? Since when do parents need state law to tell them how to care for their children? Are people really standing around outside the cars, scratching their heads, and saying to themselves, “What do you know? Roscoe’s outgrown his car seat. What do I do now? If only there was a state law to guide me.”

Vague statistics used to justify a law

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • This is nuthin’.

    A few years ago, out here in Calyforniaye, I heard radio ads promoting something called “total care” or something like that.  It presents a fictional account of a kid going to school, eating breakfast, having his teeth taken care of, eating lunch and, after school, getting involved in sports, having tutors, counseling, etc.

    When I first heard it, I thought it was a joke, mocking the idea of a failed school system trying to take on the responsibilities of parents.  But at the end, they say something like,” We imagine a world where a child’s every need is provided…”, or something to that affect. 

    If you think about it, the kid would be having dinner and sleeping at home.  Everything else would be happening through his school.

    Scary, or what?

  • Wasn’t that one of Lenin’s goals (or Marx?), to seaparate children from their parents as quickly as possible?

    Here in MA, they’re going to begin pushing for mandatory(?) pre-school.  In the once “live free or die” state, even kindergarten isn’t mandatory.  But all the liberals in MA fleeing the high taxes to live in NH will elect the same type of idiots that they elected here and so gradually they will turn NH into a northern MA.

  • When the government takes over the proper function of the family it is a violation of our religion – pure and simple. Everyone go look up subsidiarity, write a nice letter to your congressman and make sure you have plenty of ammunition.