Nanny 911

Nanny 911

If you don’t know the name Helen Kirwan-Taylor, she’s the British columnist for London’s The Independent newspaper who was widely quoted throughout the blogosphere this past week for complaining that being a mother is a real pain and awfully boring. As one critic said she’s a typical “shop and call it work” columnist, whose moral depth is accurately summed up by her complaint that all the construction in her wealthy Notting Hill neighborhood made her conclude that she “might as well be in Baghdad.”

Anyway, her latest column enumerates hertrouble with nannies. (Recall in her previous column that she recounted how she was practically begging her nannies to stay and put her kids to bed for her.) Apparently, she really hates nannies and goes on at length about it. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the fuzzy feelings are returned in kind.

As soon as she moved in and it was time to pay her salary, she pointed out that ‘babysitting wasn’t included’.

Soon enough, she was in tears. She couldn’t live in, she said, it was too difficult. We should have figured out by then that tears were just part of her grand manipulation scheme, but being pleasers, we found a rental flat. At this point, she had her own car, a flat in Notting Hill with a huge drawing room and several hours during the day to go to the gym. Still, she complained that it was all too much. It became quite clear that she hated me and the family (at least she was too fat to tempt my husband). When she finally did leave (not before writing my husband a poisonous note) we decided she was the last nanny we would employ.

And what was our solution? We now employ a Portuguese housekeeper who says ‘no problem’.

I feel even more sorry for her kids than I did after reading the last column.

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