My thoughts on the “Chronicle” broadcast

My thoughts on the “Chronicle” broadcast

Overall, I’m pretty pleased how the interview came out on tonight’s “Chronicle.” First of all, welcome to anyone linking over their web site. I’m sure some of you disagree with me vehemently while others would like to praise me. Either way I’m happy to have you here. Poke around a bit, make yourself comfortable, register and then join the discussion. You may be interested in the archives over there on the left or some of my published writing or greatest blog hits. Perhaps you want to start a whole new discussion on a topic I’ve not addressed. The place for that is the Discussion Forum.

Okay, so what did those of you who saw the show think of it? I think it was fair and while I grit my teeth at times it was at the inanities of some of the interviewees and not any bad reporting. Congrats to Tony Hill, the producer, for a fine job. My only complaint: I wish it were twice as long. What a tough job, squeezing in so much to so little time.

I’m glad I re-posted the link to the Vatican document on married priests again. That will be a useful response to some of the stuff said tonight. I also thought it was interesting that the wackiest comments came from the people holding the protests at closed churches. A correlation? Maybe.

(And for everyone else here: I’m sorry to be referring to something you can’t have seen because you’re not in the Boston area. I wish there was a way for you to see it or even read a transcript.)

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Domenico Bettinelli