My precious was lost, but is now found

My precious was lost, but is now found

Melanie brought Isabella and Sophia to visit me at work today for the first time (and last time at this location) and to go out for lunch. We had a grand time, although they managed to go through four or five diapers in the brief time before and after that they were in my office.

The janitor is going to be looking at me funny tomorrow.

Lunch was burritos and tamales at Boca Grande, which impressed my Texan wife and thus earned a Texas-shaped seal of approval.

So on the hour-plus trip to the office, Melanie played our unabridged audio CDs of “The Lord of the Rings”. And tonight as we were preparing for bed, Isabella grabbed her favorite hat that was laying on the bed in her room, jammed it on her head, and hissed, “My precioussss.”

Hmm, not the character I would hope she would emulate. Then again, who is more like Gollum than your typical two-year-old?

Incidentally, Melanie—distracted by two kids, the audiobook, and the traffic—missed the exit off the highway and ended up calling me when she realized she was way past where she should be. So after we figured out where she was—no mean feat—I called up Google Maps, turned on street-view and became the human-powered GPS, guiding her to me.

“Hello, OnStar.”

In the midst of her lostness, I asked: “Gee, maybe we should get a GPS after all.”

She was not amused.