My mom’s situation gets more serious

My mom’s situation gets more serious

My mom’s situation has gotten even more serious. Her doctor is going to have to open up her knee tomorrow or Thursday; not just arthroscopic surgery, but the real deal.

He’s looking for one of two situations. Either the strep infection in her blood has caused the problems with her replacement knee (the inflammation, fluid, and swelling) or the the replacement knee is the source of the problem. If it’s the former then she’ll have to keep on the antibiotics until the infection is gone, but if it’s the latter, then the doctor will have to take out the knee, sew her back up, wait six weeks, and only then put yet another knee in.

Adding to all these complications is my mom’s other physical frailties, including diabetes and high blood pressure.

You may have guessed that it’s now virtually certain that my mom will be in the hospital on Christmas, which understandably distresses her. Making everything more difficult is the fact that she’s in Portland, Maine, which is at least 2 hours away from four of her five kids.

We’re now scrambling to figure out how we’re going to celebrate Christmas and visit with her.

So I thank you all for your prayers and ask you to keep at it. This is a very difficult situation for my family and this is a very dangerous illness for my mom. Put simply, we’re worried and working hard to put all this in the Lord’s capable hands.