My dirigible is found

My dirigible is found

Dfoles links in the comments on earlier post on dirigibles, and the current dearth of what I think would be a great part of the US transportation system, a link to a Popular Science article on a an airship currently being developed. The “flying luxury hotel” would carry 250 passengers in style across the continent or across the ocean, traveling from Los Angeles to New York in about 18 hours.

This isn’t a true dirigible or “lighter-than-air ship”, but is in fact heavier than air, relying on its powerful engines and aerodynamic shape to lift it into the air and keep it airborne. And since it doesn’t need runways, it can actually take off and land in places that can’t support airliners, either physically or politically.

The only immediate downside is that, like with many innovations, it is initially planned only for the wealthy. It will be a long time, if ever, before someone like me could afford a ticket. Hmm.