My brief interview on MSNBC

My brief interview on MSNBC

That was fun. I was on for a minute or two, and was able to plug St. Blog’s parish and talk a little about what we’re all doing with regard to the Holy Father’s illness. Welcome to all the MSNBC viewers. Relax, have a look around, and join the discussion if you’d like.

It was weird seeing my mug and this page on a TV screen. But it was lots of fun. I told them they could have me on anytime. (I’m no dummy!)

The show was MSNBC’s “Connected Coast-to-Coast with Ron Reagan and Monica Crowley.”

(Hey, does this get me one-degree of separation from Ronaldus Maximus, the great Ronald Reagan?)

  • They have a link to your blog on their website. I couldn’t watch because for some reason I don’t get MSNBC in the lineup although the surrounding towns do.

    It’s great that you could plug St. Blog’s… a lot of people might not be aware of the great debates and discussions found within them.

  • Congrats, Dom, on your appearance on MSNBC, though it appears that Chronicle will still have the honor of being the first TV show to actually show you talking when my program on the Archdiocese of Boston airs next month—probably on the 1tth or the 14th; will confirm which when I know.

  • We still have to see whether actually seeing my ugly talking mug will be better than a static photo. Too bad we can’t determine how TVs are turned off at the first sight of me. smile

  • Actually, Dom, we will be able to make a rough estimate as the rating services report viewership in 15 minute intervals.  And, of course, there will be the possibility of police reports of televisions being tossed out apartments in Brookline and Newton and cafateria Catholics opening their windows to shout, a la the Peter Finch charcter in “Network,” “I’m mad as heck (as they don’t believe in hell) and I’m not going to take the Savonarola of Salem any more.” ;>

  • I’m so bummed, I’ve been tuning into that show during my lunchtime run at the gym and today I went late 🙁 .  I’m sure you did great!

    Maybe the clip will show up on Sportcenter’s top ten?

  • I would say no since politically Ron is about 180 degrees of separation from his father.

    Regardles,s congrats and Connected seems at least to be a show that treats bloggers seriously and not as pajama clad whackos posting out of their basement.