Moving slowly

Moving slowly

We’ve slowed down considerably here. Melanie isn’t dilated and the contractions aren’t very strong and not very close together. But since her water is broken, they won’t let her go home.

At least they let her eat.

Melanie asks that you pray for strong contractions. Meanwhile we’re fighting over the laptop, since Melanie didn’t bring hers. (She brought everything else, however; I feel like a Sherpa.)

Our nurse has been very nice. She’s young and petite; elfin would be the word. She’s going off-shift soon and I hope the next labor nurse is just as nice. I have to say that most of the nurses here are very nice, last time and this time too.

Isabella is apparently doing well with Grandma Scott, not even missing us … yet. I wonder how dinner and bed will be. I may have to run home to give her a goodnight kiss if needed.

I really hope this isn’t one of those “days of labor” deliveries.


Written by
Domenico Bettinelli