More to the OU bomber story?

More to the OU bomber story?

The guys at Newsbusters think there’s more to the story of the University of Oklahoma student who blew himself up during last week’s football game. The official line from the school is that it was a suicide, but some things don’t add up for the Newsbusters.

Suicide victims don’t normally accumulate a large amount of bomb-making material in their homes. People intent on blowing up other people do. …

Finally, if Hinrichs was just a disturbed guy who decided to kill himself with a bomb 100 yards from a crowd of 84,000 people instead of simply putting a bullet through his temple, slashing his wrists or some other traditional way of doing away with oneself, why is the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force now the lead agency in the investigation?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli