More than Stockholm syndrome

More than Stockholm syndrome

Those three radical lefty Christian Peacemaker Team hostages being held by terrorists in Iraq for months were rescued by British Special Forces (days after one of their fellows, an American, was killed by their captors). So who are the CPT group’s words of praise reserved for? Not the guys in uniform who saved their friends, but the Bronze-Age thugs who kidnapped them. From Kathy Shaidle:

I’m listening to the official statement of the Peacemakers on the radio. Lots of stuff about “the root cause” of the kidnappings being “the illegal occupation of Iraq”. Lots of praise for “our Muslim brothers and sisters.” Not a word of gratitude to the uniformed men and women who saved their colleagues.

What a smug, self-righteous and utterly graceless performance.


British Special Forces should send the Peacemakers a bill for their rescue.

Oh, and check this out:
In reaction Kember’s friend, Bruce Kent (...) said the miltants holding the hostages ‘must have been people of great faith.’
Not the rescuers, mind—the kidnappers! You can’t make this crap up! This is yer morally unmoored “progressive” Christianity, folks. I’m disgusted.

Update: Kathy reports that she misquoted Kember’s friend, Kent. He actually said that the hostages themselves were people of great faith, not the terrorists.

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