More than just child abuse

More than just child abuse

The files in New Hampshire also reveal that priests were violating their vows of celibacy with adults. Some of the cases are clear-cut.

    New Hampshire church leaders knew Father Aime Boisselle was having sex with men he met in gay bars and public parks in Concord and Manchester. ...  And they believed Father Donald Osgood was part of a “nest of homosexuals” involving college students and other priests in Manchester.

But the conclusions that are drawn from this are predictable and wrong.

    Researchers estimate that nationwide, more than a third of all priests engage in adult sex. Some Catholic activists have suggested that statistics such as those mean it’s time to allow priests to marry or have gay partners rather than force them to hide active sex lives.

First, I’m not sure where those “researchers” gathered their statistics or even who they are, so I’m disinclined to believe them. If the reporter wants me to accept such a statement, he’s got to back it up. Second, the fact that some people break their vows doesn’t mean that the vows are at fault, it means the vowbreakers are. Perhaps it means we need to find people who can keep their vows instead. It’s just more of the same modernist baloney that says people can’t control themselves and therefore we must cater to their weaknesses.

I think it would be a good time for me to point out once again the article we published in Catholic World Report a couple of years ago called “The Gay Priest Problem”.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli