More swipes and theology from the [i]Globe[/i]

More swipes and theology from the [i]Globe[/i]

Apparently it’s just too easy to take swipes at Cardinal Law now that he’s gone. In this article on Bishop O’Malley’s installation, they want to contrast his simplicity with Cardinal Law’s ... what? He’s described as imperious, phony, pompous, you name it. “But O’Malley apparently is less interested in being surrounded by princes of the church than his predecessor.” They can’t resist attackng him even though he’s gone.

I like this bit of theology from the Boston Globe:

Yesterday, Law’s seal was still over the cathedral. It reads, in Latin: “To live is Christ.” Coyne said he did not think O’Malley’s seal would be done in time for his installation. O’Malley’s seal, taken from a Gospel verse about obedience, translates as: “Do whatever he tells you.”

To say it’s a verse about obedience is a little reductionist. It is Mary’s instruction to the waiters at the wedding at Cana to trust in Jesus, just as she trusts in Him, to take care of their needs. It’s not strictly about obedience, it’s about abandonment to the Divine Mercy.

  • While I sorta chuckled at the Globe’s “interpretation” of the motto, I was nevertheless delighted at the Bishop’s choice of Mary’s words!

    And I believe the reporter meant to say: “Yesterday, Law’s seal was still over the cathedra” as opposed to the Cathedral. Just to make sure, I walked over to the church and looked up…nope, no seal in the clouds!

  • Wait, GOR! That was yesterday. Today I walked by the church again and could swear I saw—not a seal, exactly—but Flipper himself, hovering over the building, while quaintly balancing a beach ball on his nose! Accompanied, eerily enough, by a choir of angels singing “Everyone loves the king of the sea…”