More on the Vatican and Iraq

More on the Vatican and Iraq

Today (Tuesday), the Italian prime minister made a surprise and very unusual visit to the Pope. Yesterday it was the Russian foreign minister. Before that it was the Spanish prime minister. And before that Tariq Aziz was in Rome and Cardinal Etchegaray was in Baghdad. Tomorrow, Cardinal Laghi meets President Bush.

Far from being a doddering old man drooling in his gruel mouthing platitudes of peace, Pope John Paul is actively seeking some way to stop this war, to find a solution short of combat. He’s no dummy. He knows that Saddam is a threat to the world and his own people if the situation remains as it is. What’s he proposing? Might he perhaps have some kind of deal working that would free Iraq from Saddam without a single shot fired? I know I’m praying for a Lenten miracle. Stay tuned tomorrow (Wednesday).

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli