More on the Jonathan Wessner murder

More on the Jonathan Wessner murder

Here’s another update on the case of the murder of Jonathan Wessner. Wessner was a 20-year-old who lived on Cape Cod, who was allegedly murdered by ex-con Paul Nolin. Nolin was alleged to have been having a sexual relationship with a priest for whom he was working and also was renting a room from another priest who happened to be his former therapist from prison. Got all that in the tangled web? (If you want details type Nolin in the search box in the lefthand column in the main page.)

Anyway, Nolin is on trial and we’re getting interesting testimony. A friend of Wessner’s said the two of them went to a party at Nolin’s home. The guy said that Nolin, a convicted child rapist, told them that he is gay. The witness also said they did drugs and drank all night, and then he heard Nolin invite Wessner to some secluded place. They left in separate cars and Wessner’s body was found two weeks later.

Remember, we are told that homosexuality has nothing to do with child rape, and that priests aren’t compromised by engaging in homosexual activity.