More on the eBay Eucharist auctions

More on the eBay Eucharist auctions

Canon lawyer Ed Peters has some thoughts on the implications of the apparent sale of the Eucharist on eBay and the moral and legal implications.

I’m also informed that the most recent auctions involving purported consecrated Hosts have been taken down. Whether that was due to protests by Catholics over the sacrilege or the obviously fake bids being placed (the last time I saw it, the high bid was $9.5 million!), we can hope that this latest episode is done and we won’t see anymore of these on eBay. Please keep an eye out for this and let me know if you see it again. I’d also like to hear from eBay that they have changed their policies. We need to keep on them until they do so.

  • I have had an exchange of e-mails with e-bay where they are adamant that they will not be prohibiting the sale of Consecrated Hosts—they maintain that if they banned everything that offended someone, they wouldn’t be able to do business.  They reserve the right to allow the sale of anything that is not illegal. 

    I responded that until they did prohibit such sales that I would not be visiting their site again.