More on quickie Masses

More on quickie Masses

Bill Cork has a problem with my disdain for quickie Masses. Look I’m not talking about a 45-minute Mass. We’re talking about priests reading the prayers of Mass so fast they sound like they’re auctioning off the sacred vessels.

A Mass done in 30 minutes (or the pizza’s free?) can be done reverently. I’ve heard plenty that were done thoughtfully and well. It often happens at the Carmelite chapel in our local mall. But when you hear a priest boast that he can “do” a Mass in 12 minutes—No, it wasn’t one of the Franciscans in the article—there’s something amiss.

It’s like those speed Rosaries you often hear before the quickie Masses. The Hail Mary’s are coming off so fast, I don’t know when they stop to breath. Bill says:

We’re talking about a weekday mass. We’re talking about people who are already sacrificing their lunch hour to be able to attend—consider not only the length of mass, but the time it takes to walk to and from the chapel, and they’re lucky to grab a hot dog on their way back to the office.

And again, I say if you’re going to worship God, then do it right. Better to say a Rosary in your car during your commute than rattle off a quick Mass that has no more reverence than CNN’s Headline News (“All the news that fits in 20 minutes.”)

Again, if this was all you had time for each evening—“HihoneyI’mhomenotimetotalk. Bigmeetingtonightandthenguysaregoingout. Boughtdrivethroughhamburgersforouranniversarydinner. Atemineonthewayhome. Seeyoulater.”—what’s the point?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli