More on Maciel investigation

More on Maciel investigation

Yet another article claims that the Vatican has opened an investigation of Father Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ. But this article doesn’t really tell us anything new.

Like all the other articles, it quotes the accusers as saying that the Vatican has opened an investigation. Granted, they are specific in their details. They said that Msgr. Charles Scicluna of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has flown to the US and Mexico to collect testimony. If that’s not true, then they would be easily exposed in the lie. So I’m leaning toward believing it.

Still, we have no official or independent verification of the investigation being opened. Stay tuned.

  • Dear Dom,

        I thonk it is impossible to doubt that the Holy See is investigating Maciel. How could people make up a story about a Vatican investigator traveling back and forth?
      Things look very bad for Maciel. We must pray for all the many good and holy people involved with the Legion and Regnum Christi.

  • I would like to ask Sully why “things look very bad for Maciel”?  Is there some new evidence that was overlooked in the ‘50’s 3 year investigation?  I know that when the statute of limitations was up, a new angle was introduced….that of the alleged statements about using the confessional.  Many believe that was used since the church would have to look into such allegations, being that they fall within church jurisdiction and beyond any statutes.  Stay tuned because they just seem to introduce new wings all the time….and CFFC is a group the accusers feel more comfortable with, as well as the UN, even with its own horror of abuse scandals big time.

  • Dear Chris,
        To begin with, the accusation of sexual abuse was not made in the 1950s but evidently was put in the record in the 1970s. I can fully understand how someone in the 1950s would be too ashamed to admit homosexual behavior. One of the accusers did subsequently make the charge in 1976 in writing: well before people talked about such things.
      Secondly, these accusers would have to be sociopaths that insist on such a horrible lie for so long. Why persist in the lie?
      I hope they are proven to be liars but their story is more than plausible and Maciel has not been very public in his denials. A written statement?