More on Father’s art hobby

More on Father’s art hobby

A few people have asked me whether the web site for Fr. Michael Parisi, his “art”, and his parish—as detailed in a previous blog entry—had been taken down.

Although it is currently inaccessible, I don’t think it’s because anyone has taken action to remove it. In fact, from the message on the error page, it looks like they’ve simply exceeded their bandwidth limit for the month. Every web host limits the amount of data you can transmit every month (i.e. the cumulative size of the files in gigabytes) because bandwidth is one of the most expensive costs of Internet service, and my guess is that so many people went to see Father’s “interesting” photos that the site quickly exceeded its limits. It’s likely that it will become available again in December.

Meanwhile, JanJan at the With Issue blog has found more of Father’s artwork online at (WARNING: Explicit depictions) and on a calendar for “queer art events” from last year.

Add to this the fact that Father reportedly told his congregation that he doesn’t think same-sex marriage should be against the law and you’re left wondering why such a brazen display of defiance against the Church’s teachings is tolerated in the Archdiocese of Boston. If anyone has an email address for Archbishop O’Malley or his secretary, could you send them a note to let them know about this?

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Domenico Bettinelli