More on Adamec

More on Adamec

Here’s more on Bishop Adamec and his apparent decision to abandon the Dallas protocol. When I originally said I didn’t think the Dallas policy was a good one, it wasn’t because I thought we should hang on to the old days of secrecy and cover up.

Back from the national bishops’ conference in Dallas in June, Bishop Joseph Adamec said he was investigating new complaints of sexual abuse by two active priests and stood ready to punish older priests accused of molesting children in the past.
“I’m no longer on my own as a bishop,” he said at a June 17 news conference.

“I feel much more free and much more directed,” he said.

But now, seven months later and against the backdrop of fighting a current court award and a new lawsuit filed earlier this month, Adamec’s response to the national and local sex scandals has been watered down to two premises:

  • Nothing happened on Adamec’s watch, he consistently maintains.

  • What happened years ago was handled appropriately for the times within the Altoona-Johnstown Roman Catholic Diocese, he says.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli