More Minnesota dissent

More Minnesota dissent

Maybe Archbishop Harry Flynn should be paying closer attention to the heterodoxy of priests in his archdiocese rather than silencing the orthodox. For example, what about Fr. Leo Tibesar, director of the Engaged Couples Preparation Program in the archdiocese? Take a close look at his photo.

Now look at the national board of the heterodox DignityUSA. Is that not the same Leo Tibesar, albeit without the title of “Father”?

So Father Robert Altier can’t be on Relevant Radio, but Tibesar can be on the national board of DignityUSA. As I said, a double standard.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli
  • GREAT JOB Dom!!!  Double standard is absolutely right.  If we do not see Archbishop Flynn publicly squash Fr. Tibesar we will know for certain that there is something very sinister going on in that diocese.
    For anyone who is preparing to type that trite phrase “well we don’t know the full story…” please spare me, we know enough.
    By their fruits (no pun intended) we shall know them. 
    Respect is something that must be earned and right now the USCCB and the majority of the US bishops have a lot of work to do.  In the military it’s referred to as Dereliction of Duty and is a Court martial offense.
    I pray for them daily.

  • What can we do?  I have written to Bp. Flynn before.  No response.

    Any suggestions?

  • One might also question how an individual who was “affiliated” with Dignity was qualified to guide Catholic couples in marriage preparation.  Not really his area of expertise unless the ‘couples’ were Steve and Bruce.

  • Didn’t you get the memo, Dom?

    Altier has questioned the Catholicity of Archbp Flynn’s missives on preventing child sex abuse. Directives made necessary by the actions of his own priests, incidentally, but we won’t go there.

    Ergo Fr. Altier is nasty, disrespectful, not a team player and generally a loose cannon.

    Fr. Tibesar, on the other hand, counsels people. People preparing for marriage, homosexual people….all sorts of people. He’s nice. Very sweet.

    Why are you so hung up on dogma?

    Don’t answer that, I know. You’re one of those far-right weirdos that still believes in the importance of sound teaching. C’mon whackos, that don’t matter no more. We’ve left all that behind. Like Fr. Tibesar, we’re a people-oriented Church now.

  • I just went to the Dignity website link.  I wonder how many other priests are masquerading as laity on that webpage?

  • DaVincicode——.

    Letter writing just will not produce the needed outcome.  What the faithful of any diocese needs when their bishop and priests are not one with Peter, is a new media of by the laity. There is no other way to reach the uneducated or misguided faithful of a diocese. Of course this takes organization and “lots of money” and plenty of time which most of the laity do not have. That being said, the following is the foundation for revealing any kind of dissent by individuals or groups or from the spiritual leadership to the laity.  Do not use hearsay. One must have heard or experienced it first hand. Have only the documentation time and place of words, deeds, or actions of the dissenters made in a public forum and in the news media, Catholic or secular. This way you do not become the accussers, but those in dissent are their own accussers by there documented words and deeds.  Public revelation is the only pressure under which bishops or chancery officials respond.

    I personally know that this method works. In my efforts to educate the faithful in my diocese my family and a few other families and friends publicly protested outside the chancery and the CCD conventions and before some parishes. That’s right with signs and literature to pass out. The media was there and front page news in the Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, the Worcester Telegram and Gazette. The bishop finally, after three months of letter writing finally met with us.  Its hard work and one does’t make many friends, but many, priests, nuns, and the faithful will let you know that they appreciate what you are doing.

  • Dom & company

    Wow.. I had never read “Dignity USA’s” website before. This is obviously heterodoxy, but there smart enough to walk the line. In one regard not having Fr. Leo Tibesar, identify himself as a Priest prevents this organization from appearing more “Catholic” than it really is. Pro-Homosexual groups like this have more lee way to game the dogma system to their advantage than Pro-abort groups do. Its really disgusting to see this pressure group stay within the letter of the Law but far outside the true meaning and spirit.

    Great Advice, yep sunlight is the best disinfectant

  • RecoveringFeminist,

    The laity have to march in public protest, carrying signs outside the parish church where the pastor or priests are dissenting against this amendment. The laity should march in front of the chancery with signs supporting the bishop in this matter.  This one action that can be taken. It takes “guts”, it takes courage. But in numbers there is strength. Oh, by the way, “Much prayer asking for the strength to defend the faith in this manner.

  • Hey, Domenico.  Google the list.  You missed one.  There’s another priest in there.  Also a bunch of people employed as youth ministers and Catholic school employees.


  • The ones who are actually fighting are those of the SSPX (and friendly groups) who refuse to have their faith stolen from them under the specious pretext of obedience.  But obedience to whom?  To the bishop over God?  That’s like obeying a lieutenant over a general.

    Sorry, but a Protestant could use the very same argument. They believed they were being true to the faith that was stolen by the bishops.

  • I think it’s a matter of perspective. Protestants would have said they were fighting to retain the true faith without all the accretions. The fact of the matter is that Catholics must remain in communion with the Pope. And there’s no argument you’re going to make here that will convince me that the SSPX is the right way to go.