FCC gives wrist slaps for anti-Catholicism

FCC gives wrist slaps for anti-Catholicism

Brent Bozell relates that radio shock jocks get slaps on the wrists for anti-Catholic behavior. Meanwhile, as I mentioned earlier this week, Rush Limbaugh and a couple of Boston sports talk hosts get heavier punishments for offending the liberal PC gods.

Bozell mentions that Infinity Radio got a paltry fine of $27,500 for each of the 13 radio stations that aired the profaning of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York by a couple having sex there, right where children and others engaged in spiritual activity were. Of course, if it were a mosque, the president himself would be calling for greater sensitivity for Muslims.

Bozell also mentions the case of a DC radio stations that got a tiny $27,500 per day fine for airing a shock jock show on two days in 2002 in which two female students at a Catholic high school were quizzed on air about their sexual habits and encouraged to talk about having sex in the school. The show even mocked the school’s mission statement:

The next day, Segal continued his assault on Catholics. His female sidekick, Diane, started reading from the Bishop Oion, which could have compromised his judgment about the object of his desire, a man who was a danger to this woman’s children. Perhaps if she wasn’t so concerned about being “tolerant” her kids would have been safer than they were with this guy next door every day.

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Domenico Bettinelli