More debunking global warming myths

More debunking global warming myths

After yesterday's post on the global warming hoax via a UN "scientific" report there comes word of a British TV documentary called "The Great Global Warming Swindle."

It exposes the constantly repeated lies that there is a scientific consensus on global climate change, that CO2 drives the climate, and that the current warming trend--if there is one-- is unique in history.

The film starts off covering indisputable facts. There was a Medieval Warm Period that was warmer than today -- that led to incredible wealth in Europe when the bulk of the continent's great cathedrals were built and when Britain had thriving vineyards. Then came the Little Ice Age that started in the 17th century and was so cold London's Thames River would freeze so solidly festivals were held on it.

About 10,000 years ago, during a time known as the Holocene Maximum, it was much warmer even than the Medieval times.

Sound familiar? The scientists in the show also note that volcanoes produce more CO2 every year than all human activity put together. In other words, if you removed humans from the equation all together--which you can't short of a global genocide--it would still have no effect on the climate.

Not all change is bad

Another part of the lie is that the effects of change are universally bad. In fact, if northern climates warm, it means larger agricultural zones and longer growing seasons for more food, less need for heating oil so less fuel emissions, larger habitable areas for pressured and endangered animals. But what about those cold-weather loving animals, like polar bears. Remember the Holocene Maximum? They survived that too.

Plant and animal species were being found and dying off long before the first internal combustion engine was built and while human activity might be responsible for localized population pressures, human-caused global warming is not part of it.

What we have is an ideology built on a lie and pushed and prodded onto the public regardless of fact and evidence. The question is: Who benefits from hobbling the economic power of First World nations like the US and the European Union? Who benefits from economic drags like the Kyoto Protocol? Who are in fact the biggest polluters in the world?

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli