More cowbell!

More cowbell!

One of the things I won’t miss from this apartment when we move is the guy next door who fancies himself a rock drummer. Every afternoon through evening we hear him pounding the skins. Every day. Over the past couple of years we’ve heard him progress from novice to … mediocre really.

But now we have the addition of — wait for it — cowbell! That’s right, now when he’s banging on his skins and cymbals, he throws in a little cowbell. I’m tempted to stand in the window and yell, “More cowbell!” But Melanie says she’d be mortified so I just keep it to myself.

For now. Maybe on our last day here.

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  • Oh, please do it and then tell us all about it!  Every day needs a little laughter in it… smile

  • We just heard a little electric guitar (maybe a friend) and I yelled (near the open window), “More cowbell!” I started laughing and then said “Ouch” because my back is still sore from pulling a muscle sneezing. Melanie said, “That’s God punishing you for laughing.”

    Thank you, Mrs. Jansenist.

  • This is one of the reasons I like your blog.  You never know what you are going to read!!!  Funny Stuff!

  • Beg, borrow, or acquire through dubious means (with full intent to return) as set of Highland bagpipes.

    It will not matter a whit that you do not know how to play.  Just fill the bag and squeeze.  Say you are playing piobrochead, the classical music of the pipes…no one will know the difference.

    I managed to educate all of the little band-apes in the neighborhood about appropriate practice hours.  When little Jimmy started blowing on his tuba at 1:00am, I broke out the pipes and serenaded him with a couple of spritely tunes.

    Never fails.

  • Andy,

    Would it count if I just cranked the volume on a cd with bagpipe music? Yes, I have a bunch of them in my collection. My maiden name is Scott after all.

  • It would depend on the size of your stereo.  The Highland pipes were designed to be heard over the din of battle.  A couple of good speakers, a good amp, and a CD with “Wha hey the Forty-Twa” and “The Black Bear” and the message might get through.

    But I prefer the pipes in person.  I am a purist. smile

  • Oh, I’ll definitely agree that the Highland pipes are much better live and in person; but it’s a bit of an investment.

    Well, maybe when Bella gets old enough to take up an instrument, we’ll get her a set of pipes….