More bad recordkeeping?

More bad recordkeeping?

A Stigmatine who had admitted molesting teen girls in the 1960s is still on the staff of a parish in Lexington, Mass. Didn’t Cardinal Law tell us months ago that every priest who’d been accused of abuse had been removed from ministry? So how did this guy slip under the radar? I suppose they missed him because he’s a religious order priest, but even so I would think they would have checked them too, at least for consistency.

One of the most appalling things in the whole Scandal is the plain incompetence in just running the archdiocese. The cardinal claims he didn’t know what his subordinates were doing. The subordinates claim they were in contact with their boss. The personnel office didn’t know about any of this. If it wasn’t active malice that caused this problem, it was blind negligence.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli