Momma T

Evita Heinz Kerry gave us another reason to work against her husband being elected. At a gathering for gay Democrats yesterday she promised that, if Kerry is elected: “If nothing else, you will have a mom in the White House.” Does anyone else find it creepy that a politician’s wife, which these days means a politician, is promising to be some special interest group’s mother? I don’t want politicians to “mother” us. I want them to run the country and then go away until we need them to do something else. I don’t want celebrity-activist-politicians. I want leaders who will do the right thing and that’s it.

All this pandering makes me want to go to take a shower.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli
  • I dunno, Dom … if there’s anything that should creep out the country, it’s the notion that gay men need another mother.

    Plus, domenicobud, I don’t think you’d wanna take a shower in tuh-RAY-zuh Gabor’s Americah, dahling.

  • If mommy in a financial sense, then how can I get on Mommy billionaire’s allowance list?

  • She keeps this up she’s going to ruin Hillary’s chances.  But that’s what this show is really all about don’t you think?

    The liberal media is nibbling on one of it’s own as it were.  The Dem establishment is squawking about the “Republican attack machine” in liberal papers by liberal writers.  If Kerry is elected that reduces Hillary’s chances of a run to practically nil.

  • Leave it to Patrick to state the obvious….and boy is he right!…..anyway…I wonder if Mama’s therapist is a freudian, junian, or rogerian???